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Ferrari destroys over 400,000 counterfeit items (including three fake cars)

Ferrari has confirmed via a post on X that they destroyed over 400,000 counterfeit items in 2023.

This includes 3 cars and over 100,000 items of clothing, 91,000 pairs of glasses and 60,000 watches.

Last year, I wrote about Ferrari's “Anti-Counterfeiting Reward Scheme” which encourages customers to report suspected fakes in exchange for a Ferrari-related prize if the information is new to the business. It is not clear how many of the destroyed counterfeits were as a result of customer reports, but a recent article in the official Ferrari magazine states that they receive information from customers on a daily basis which will surely help their efforts. 

As one of the most recognisable car brands in the world (reportedly worth over $53 billion last year), it is no surprise that there are so many counterfeits out there. 

Ferrari might be one of the world’s most desired brands, but this has a downside – attempts to create counterfeits. We have always been deeply committed to the integrity and authenticity of our brand and products.


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