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Beyoncé's new Cécred haircare line

Beyoncé has recently revealed the launch of Cécred, her new haircare line. When teasing the new brand on social media, the most-awarded artist in Grammys history shared that her very first job was at her mother's beauty salon, which has purportedly inspired her to step into the beauty industry.

The brand Cécred - which fits in quite nicely with the artist's fragrance, Cé Noir - is a creative play on the last two letters of the singer’s name and the word “sacred", making it a distinctive trade mark in the beauty and cosmetic space. A large number of trade mark applications for the plain word Cécred have already been filed worldwide in various continents, covering a wide range of cosmetics and closely allied products.  

The singer's Cécred haircare products also appear to incorporate a patent-pending technology for hair repairing. As such, it really seems that there is nothing that Beyoncé cannot do. With her new haircare line, the singer is bringing patents to our heads - and not just to those of us in the Intellectual Property profession!


New haircare brand Cécred launches with patent-pending keratin recovery technology.


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