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Amazon and BMW win groundbreaking civil lawsuit against counterfeiters in Spain

Amazon's Counterfeit Crimes Unit (CCU) and BMW Group have been successful in a joint civil lawsuit in Spain against four individuals selling counterfeit BMW vehicle parts and accessories (including valve caps, badges and key rings) throughout Europe. This case is the first of its kind in Spain and the local Court agreed that the defendants violated Amazon's policies and infringed BMW's trade mark rights by selling counterfeit products - hopefully a positive indication for other brands facing counterfeiting issues in Spain. 

Amazon has credited its advanced machine learning tools which detected the counterfeit activity in this case. The joint lawsuit with BMW is also another success story to add to Amazon's list, having partnered with the likes of Microsoft, WWE, Canon and Cartier in the past to file lawsuits against counterfeiters operating on their platforms. 

When Amazon and BMW Group both contribute their investigative capabilities, experience, and technological resources to jointly identify and target counterfeiters, we are very effective and successful in our fight against bad actors - Dr. Jochen Volkmer, Head of Intellectual Property Law, Trademarks, Designs, BMW Group


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