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You won't find a golden ticket in these "Wonka" bars

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued a warning to consumers about the increased circulation of fake “Wonka” chocolate bars ahead of the release of the new movie tomorrow (8 December).

The FSA reports that the fake and unlicensed Wonka bars may be manufactured or repackaged by unregistered businesses that do not adhere to the UK's food hygiene, labelling or traceability laws. There could be a significant health risk to consumers if the chocolate bars contain unlisted allergens or even traces of illegal drugs, as in a recent case reported by the FSA in Nottinghamshire. 

In August 2023, a sweet shop owner was fined £7200 and ordered to pay £3000 in costs and a £190 victim surcharge in relation to fake chocolate bars featuring the WONKA trade mark without authorisation. The products were also deemed an “imminent safety risk” to consumers due to the lack of allergen information on their packaging. 

The FSA is working with Trading Standards to deal with reports of fake Wonka bars and they have urged consumers to inform their local authority of any products that they believe to be counterfeit. 

With Christmas coming up, don’t waste your money on fake branded chocolate for your children, friends or family – you won’t be getting what you think you are paying for and you don’t know what is in them - Tina Potter, the head of incidents at the FSA


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