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FDA Approval for Recycled Plastics in Food-Grade Packaging

There have been significant advances in the recycling of plastics, reducing both the need for new plastics and the volume of plastic destined for landfill. However, uptake of recycled plastics for sensitive applications, such as food packaging, has been slower due to concerns for consumer safety and public perception. 

Borcycle™ M recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) have received ‘letters of no objection’ from the FDA, allowing their use in food-grade packaging and confirming their suitability for these applications. 

The approval of Borealis's mechanically recycled post-consumer plastics for these applications also clears the way for their use in other sensitive applications, such as cosmetics and personal hygiene packaging, and should facilitate approvals in other jurisdictions, including the EU where Borealis has its headquarters in Vienna. 

Taking a wider view, in addition to enabling Borealis to continue developments in this sector, the approvals will also boost the sector as a whole, encouraging further investment and progress in closing the loop on a fully circular economy for plastics.

“This marks a major milestone for Borealis, helping us to live our purpose of reinventing essentials for sustainable living,” says Mirjam Mayer, Borealis vice president, circular economy solutions.


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