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Guitar maker Gibson's new UK flagship - a perfect example of experiential retail

Tomorrow will see Gibson open their new UK flagship retail store, the GIBSON GARAGE, just off Oxford Street in London. 

In a world where we are seeing independent music stores sadly close their doors, with more consumers turning online for their musical instrument needs, Gibson appear to have recognised that a retail store offers so much more than just a place to sell their guitars and pedals. Instead it provides a perfect platform as a destination to express the ethos of their brand and to tap into the “retailtainment” trend.

In the last few years, and as we came out of the Covid pandemic, we have seen brands increasingly recognise that retail stores are about giving their consumers experiences to live the brand lifestyle, and so grow brand loyalty, rather than being just a place to sell their products, and it is great to see Gibson follow suit.  As a lover of live music, this destination is definitely on my list for next time I'm in the capital!

The GIBSON GARAGE will not only house over 300 guitars to browse and play, but will also feature a custom guitar lab, a secret VIP bar and a stage for exclusive live music events, so there seems to be plenty to experience. 

Each of their famous guitar body shapes, including the Les Paul, SG, Firebird and Flying V, are present and have their own wall displays with information about the history of each one. From the pictures I have seen, I can't see whether the information includes reference to the fact that many of these shapes are registered as trade marks, but as a complete trade mark nerd I do hope so! 


Gibson president and chief executive Cesar Gueikian said the new Garage store is “how we want our fans to experience” the brand. He said: “London has a vibrant and influential music history, and the Garage is designed to be a part of the London music community with a live stage featuring performances and special events from music icons and emerging artists on any given day. “The Garage is an exciting place to experience live music and lifestyle through Gibson instruments, sound, media, and apparel. We hope the Gibson Garage will have a dramatic impact on the London music scene in addition to becoming a must-see destination in London.”


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