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Legal rights in whisky: the cornerstone of its provenance and legacy.

The Welsh whisky industry experienced a remarkable revival in the late 20th century, adding a unique and flavourful dimension to the world of whisky. The UK Geographical Indication (GI) scheme is so important for whisky producers' intellectual property rights in Scotland, and now in Wales. This move leaves English whisky as the only UK variant without official protection. GI status safeguards the authenticity, reputation, and distinctiveness of whisky produced in specific regions, which, in turn, supports the industry's competitiveness, quality, and ability to access global markets. It is an essential tool for protecting the intellectual property of regional products and maintaining consumer trust in their authenticity. Wales now boasts five whisky distilleries with protected status….and here's to many more in the future. Iechyd Da!

In July, single malt Welsh whisky was successfully registered under the UK GI scheme, which protects the category’s name, authenticity and characteristics. The UK GI scheme was established in 2021, after the UK left the EU, and ensures certain food and drink products can continue to receive legal protection against fakes and misuse. Aber Falls, based in Abergwyngregyn, has now gained protected status for its single malt after its bottling hall was reopened in Bangor, Wales, last month.


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