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| 1 minute read

McDonald's - the unexpected IP educator

It's never a bad time to learn about innovation, as children (and adults with small appetites!) can now choose to get a free book about two incredible inventors, instead of a toy with their Happy Meals. 

I haven't read the book myself, but it seems that the book talks about Nikola Tesla and Alan Turing. I wonder whether the books discuss the importance of patents in innovation; Nikola Tesla was named as inventor on 278 patents!

Whilst Tesla and Turing undoubtedly changed the world, it's important to remember that innovation can be found all around us and in more everyday objects. McDonald's themselves have filed several patent applications in the past, with titles including "Method and apparatus for making a sandwich", "Process for preparing frozen French fry potato segments", "Bun toaster", "Method and apparatus for cooking eggs", "Continuous method and apparatus for marinating poultry", and "Dual compartment sandwich package".

I'm hoping that McDonald's release further books about other inventors, in particular it would be great for them to use their reach to teach children about some female inventors, especially as a study by the European Patent Office found that only 13.2% of inventors in Europe are women. 

Your little one can discover the life of Alan Turing, the genius code cracker and father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence. Learn about the life of Nikola Tesla, the scientist and inventor whose groundbreaking inventions we continue to use today.


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