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Trademarking Cambridge: Navigating the legal and branding landscape of a renowned city - Marks & Clerk’s latest piece published by Business weekly

Of course, the oldest (and probably still largest) jewel in Cambridge’s crown is the University. There are numerous Colleges beneath its umbrella, not forgetting that the city also boasts Anglia Ruskin University and a plethora of academic and language schools.

In our latest piece published by Business Weekly, Simon Portman discusses how trade mark protection and a well thought out brand strategy are crucial for all these organisations.

Universities like Oxford or Cambridge have on several occasions been shown to have sufficient reputation in the applicable city’s name that it has been able to block its use or registration by other institutions in the educational field. Having a trade mark has also proved invaluable for long-established colleges or other institutions who find their name or crest is being used abroad for a lesser-respected academy or summer school without their permission and need to shut it down before they suffer damage from the wider public wrongly assuming it is something to do with them. If the quality of educational output from the culprit is poor, that damage can be catastrophic.


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