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How to write a real cease & desist letter, courtesy of M&S.

A perfect example of how to protect the precious Percy Pig® brand name and trade mark gently and with minimum fuss. Nicely-drafted by the legal team at M&S.

The letter said: "Percy Pig is one of our 'hero' brands and we own trade marks to protect it. "We risk losing those trade marks (and more importantly to us, consumers will no longer be confident Percy Pig-branded products originate from M&S) if we do not take steps to stop others from using them without our permission." Mr Vincenti said the ice cream had already proved popular online and would, for now, be renamed "Fabio's Pig". An M&S spokesman said it was "careful to only put [Percy Pig's] name on official M&S products". "It's flattering that he's inspired Fabio's new gelato and we hope they enjoy the treat we sent," he said.


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