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The Good Cup is a Eurovision winner

The crowds flocking to the Eurovision Song Contest this weekend will no doubt need a whole lot of coffee to get them through the four hour final. Fortunately, plastic pollution may be avoided using the innovative "Good Cup", according to The Guide Liverpool website.

The Good Cup needs no separate plastic lid, because it includes an integrated lid structure that simply folds and locks into place. And according to the Good Cup website, the cup can be used for hot and cold drinks, has a spill-proof design which aligns with a user's mouth contour and has an integrated sip hole. The cup is made from 100% paper with aqueous coating, so includes no plastic, and is fully recyclable and home compostable.

And in homage to last year's winners, Ukraine, The Guide notes that "A design celebrating the city’s links to Ukraine has been created especially for the cups by local artist and MerseyMade resident Kate Bigley, making them the must-have accessory for anyone attending Eurovision 2023. For every drink sold in The Good Cup, the businesses taking part will make a donation to The Ukrainian Welcome Centre in Crosby, who offer a support network for Ukrainians and their local sponsors, as well as sending help back to Ukraine". 

Choose Planet A LtdEuropean patent application covering the Good Cup design, and according to the Packaging Digest website the Good Cup is the subject of "two technical patents and one design patent. Its name and logo are also trademark protected".

, a Hong Kong based company, have a

It is great to see innovators such as Choose Planet A Ltd having a direct effect on a massive event like Eurovision 2023, while protecting their research and hard work using a range of IP registrations.

The Good Cup’s fully patented design features an integrated lid that folds and locks into place, eliminating the need for a separate plastic lid and have been supplied by Green Bell Packaging, a local plant-based & plastic-free packaging company


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