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Marks & Clerk featured in leading financial services publication IFA Magazine

Traditional banking may bring to mind high street branches and glittering tower blocks featuring ATMS alongside piles of paperwork, yet a new crop of fintech start-ups, known as neobanks, is combating these stereotypes in the form of digital first banking platforms that promise seamless online experiences and low fee services. Claire Keating from our busy financial services team has penned this fascinating piece on the importance of devising - and protecting - brand personality in the midst of this new banking landscape. 

The personality of a brand is key in attracting the “right” customer, whomever it might be that you are targeting. Your brand is not only your name, but also a combination of the elements that portray the personality of your business. These can include logos, typefaces, tag lines, and even colour schemes, and careful consideration is needed before launching a new brand, in terms of both whether it portrays your desired personality and – crucially – whether it is as unique as you need it to be. The last thing a newly launched business needs is for their chosen brand to conflict with that of a third party, and so comprehensive clearance searches are a vital part of the planning process.


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