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Marks & Clerk featured in World IP Review's reaction to the UK's move to scrap radical AI mining proposals

The UK government has abandoned controversial plans to allow AI developers greater powers to mine text and data, following an outcry from copyright owners. Following the development, WIPR asked IP and AI experts for their views and what might happen next and we were pleased to provide our insights. 

Click below for partner, Mike Shaw's comments in full.

"It is interesting to note that the government has declined to address whether the creation of temporary copies for the purpose of training AI should constitute lawful use. “This demonstrates the challenge in finding a balance between the interests of AI developers and the creative industries, particularly in light of the value that these industries play in the economy. “The question is: to what extent should copyright owners benefit from use of their works by AI, and how should AI developers be able to benefit from the original creations of copyright owners? “There are options that could go some way to addressing these challenges, such as an opt-in scheme whereby copyright owners receive royalties for use of their works in AI training, but we’ve seen how difficult it can be to implement such compromises before."


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