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What a week!

It has been an excellent week for our client, Xampla, a University of Cambridge spin-out company that has developed a range of plant-based protein materials as natural alternatives to single-use plastics and microplastics. 

First, Xampla were awarded the Best New Business award at the eighth annual World Food Innovation Awards in recognition of its considerable growth since 2020, which has included the establishment of partnerships with a number of global brands. 

Not long afterwards, Xampla was announced as a finalist for the Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize, having been selected from 170 other companies across the world. The award recognises companies that can create next generation alternatives to flexible film plastic that are both sustainable and will be scalable by 2025. Xampla will now work with Tom Form’s team to investigate how its plant-based protein materials can be applied to single-use polybags. 

These recent recognitions of Xampla’s success are clear indications that the company only looks set to grow and grow. Congratulations to Xampla!

The World Food Innovation Awards, in partnership with IFE, celebrate the most ambitious developments in the food and beverage industry over the last 12 months.


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