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Using Blockchain for the Energy Transition

More and more digital technologies are being applied to aid the energy transition. 

This report details the findings from a study on the impact of blockchain on the energy sector. In particular, the following use cases were considered:

  • Smart metering
  • Fostering energy communities
  • Certification of origin of energy production
  • Support for demand flexibility services
  • Electro mobility scenarios

In general, the report concludes that Blockchain technology is not only useful in supporting evidence-based decision-making in the energy market but it is also increasingly being used to streamline system operations and underpin new service offerings. However, consumers do not yet appear to be fully engaged with these digital energy projects and the sustainability and energy-footprint of blockchain technology is still being debated.

Notwithstanding these challenges, it is encouraging to see relatively new technologies, such as Blockchain, being applied to the energy sector in innovative ways to support the energy transition.

Blockchain technology can enable, and potentially revolutionise, the energy market


blockchain, energy & environment