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Who's thinking of thought control in the Metaverse?

I was interested to read this article on the thorny topic of how to control actions in the Metaverse. We're all familiar with the now ubiquitous headsets that allow us to see and hear in the virtual realm.  However, whilst gesture recognition systems are improving, control and input remains a largely old-school affair, with hand held controllers and the like.  

Thought input and flexing muscles seem to be two of the possibilities being studied to try to address this into problem. Certainly "think it - do it" technology would be an un-intrusive way of controlling in the metaverse. As good as it sounds, I suspect that controlling devices with the power of thought might be a long way off. However, simpler technology such as electromyography tech that monitors impulses to muscles could perhaps offer a sooner route to market, with impulses to muscles in the real world being translated to corresponding motion in the metaverse.   

As the article notes, there is real value in the innovative companies that are developing these cutting edge techniques. A good strategy for protecting your intellectual property (IP) can be an important tool in locking in the value in that innovation.  

With all the work in this area, new unobtrusive ways of controlling the metaverse could be with us sooner than you thought!       

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