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EPO and UKIPO make statements on Ukraine

The EPO has issued a statement on its website entitled "Standing together for peace in Europe", announcing that it has frozen co-operation activities with the Federation of Russia and of Belarus. The EPO will assess and debate other possible measures and consequences with the 38 Member States, extension states and observers in preparation of the next Administrative Council meeting on 22 March. Ukraine itself is not one of the 38 Member States of the European Patent Organisation, nor an extension state. However, Ukraine has been a PCT contracting state since 1991.

The UKIPO has also issued a statement  noting, " ... like everyone in the UK, we are appalled by Russia’s despicable actions and stand unequivocally behind Ukraine and its people." The UKIPO will not be providing services to those on the sanctions list, either directly or through their agents. The UKIPO also assures Ukrainian customers that they will use the maximum flexibility available in law to consider requests for extensions of time, reinstatements and restorations. 

An immediate decision has been taken to freeze our co-operation activities with the national patent offices of the Federation of Russia and of Belarus, as well as to put on hold our co-operation activities with the Eurasian Patent Organisation.


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