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ExxonMobil's first commercial sale of certified circular polymers for food packaging

ExxonMobil has completed its first commercial sale of certified circular polymers, produced using ExxonMobil's Exxtend technology for advanced recycling of plastic waste. The circular polymers have been sold to Berry Global, which will use them to manufacture containers for high-performance food-grade packaging.

Exxtend™ technology allows different plastics to be broken down into their constituent parts, and reassembled into new plastics that are no different from plastics produced using non-recycled sources. The resultant new plastics are themselves recyclable and their performance can be maintained over multiple recycling loops. This means that the plastics produced using Exxtend technology are circular, i.e. they can be recycled over and over again.

ExxonMobil has obtained certifications through the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification PLUS (ISCC PLUS) process for several of its facilities. ISCC PLUS is widely recognized as an effective system to certify products that result from advanced recycling using mass balance attribution of plastic waste. Several of ExxonMobil's facilities have been certified, including Baytown, Texas.

The initial circular polymers sold to Berry Global are produced at the Baytown facility, which is expected to have an advanced recycling capacity of 30,000 metric tons by the end of 2022. ExxonMobil plans to increase its annual advanced recycling capacity to 500,000 metric tonnes across multiple sites by the end of 2026.

Exxtend technology helps expand the range of plastic materials that society recycles, while maintaining the performance of products over multiple recycling loops.


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