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eVTOL air taxis set to take to the skies during the Paris Olympics

Authorisation for a floating landing pad, on the River Seine in Paris city centre, has recently been granted by the French Ministry of Transport. The landing pad will be used by eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) air taxis, which will be demonstrated during the Paris Olympic Games in a few weeks' time.

The demonstration flights are the result of a collaboration between eVTOL aircraft manufacturer Volocopter, and the Paris airport authority group ADP. Volocopter and ADP announced their intention to operate Europe's first commercial air taxi flights back in June 2023. The trial of air taxis during the Olympic games has long been an ambition of a number of aircraft manufacturers, with many having failed to develop prototypes in time for the upcoming Paris Olympic Games.

Whilst the floating landing pad is only temporary, and the trial flights not for paying customers, the trial represents a stepping stone for commercial air taxi travel in Europe. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is expected to allow flights by paying passengers later this year. 

The floating landing pad will join a network of four existing ‘vertiports’ already set up in Paris, including one at Charles de Gaulle airport. However, the floating 'vertiport' is the first in close proximity to the city centre.

The announcement has not been without controversy, however, with the approval of the floating vertiport having raised concerns around environmental impact.

One thing is for certain: with flights limited to two an hour, the existing public transport network in Paris will still be (very!) busy with spectators at the upcoming Olympic Games!

France’s Ministry of Transport has given authorisation for the construction of a floating landing pad on the River Seine in Paris for electric air taxi flight demonstrations during the Paris Olympics.


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