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Record-breaking UK rocket launch

It is always fun to see a rocket launch, and this one was a bit special for a group of UK students from Sheffield as it smashed the UK and European altitude records for liquid-fuelled rockets.  

Appropriately named “Desert Winds”, the students launched their rocket in the Mojave Desert. Its successful launch took it to an altitude of 26,879 feet - just over 5 miles up. The previous European record was a mere 21,274 feet - just over 4 miles. 

The team behind this have called themselves Project Sunride, and they designed and built this rocket in only 6 months. As an extracurricular activity with Sheffield University's Engineering Department, it was a student-led project, and it must have been exciting seeing their rocket disappear into the sky!

Given the ever-increasing interest in #SpaceTech, these students will hopefully be shining stars of the future.

The Sheffield students launched their rocket from the Mojave Desert in California and witnessed it travel at supersonic speeds to reach an altitude of 26,879 feet - the highest that any UK team has reached with a rocket of this type since the 1970s, including aerospace companies.


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