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Extreme E Racing Takes on Hydrogen

Extreme E Racing is a class of motorsport involving male and female drivers taking on extreme off-road circuits built out in the desert. Their aim is to highlight global issues and inspire the next generation. 

These cars are fast and powerful. They are rugged, and they properly launch themselves across the roughest race tracks, jumps and all. A truly exciting watch on TV and with big names to boot, with team owners such as Carlos Sainz, Michael Andretti, Jenson Button, McLaren and Nico Rosberg to name a few. The drivers are also well-known from around the world, representing their respective classes of motorsport, including rallying and track. 

Since the inaugural season in 2021, the cars have been zero-emission electric beasts. However, from 2025 they will be showing the world that hydrogen cars are also safe and powerful. The new “Extreme H” cars will have a top speed of 200kph, despite weighing 2,200kg, and will have a 550 bhp peak output hydrogen fuel cell “engine” powering front and rear electric motors. 

Exciting times for the hydrogen economy, and for motorsport! 

Becoming reality in 2025, the Extreme H series represents a bold step forward in the transition to clean energy, showcasing cutting-edge hydrogen technology in a competitive racing environment. The Pioneer 25 racing car is designed to demonstrate the viability and performance capabilities of hydrogen fuel cells, setting a new standard for eco-friendly motorsport.


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