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Hope for Brain Tumour treatment

It is certainly nice to read a good news story every now and then and I read with interest a recent article concerning Dr Richard Scolyer, a top Australian doctor, who remains brain cancer-free after nearly a year.  

Dr Scolyer was diagnosed with a glioblastoma, which is a particularly aggressive type of brain tumour. However, Dr Scolyer was given a new type of combination immunotherapy, before receiving brain surgery. Whilst tumours in other parts of the body can sometimes by removed surgically, including some of the surrounding tissue, it will be appreciated that brain surgery to remove a tumour is particularly complex. So far, the news has been very encouraging, although Dr Scolyer recognises that he is not “cured” and the tumour could return at any time. However, he is living his life to the full, as best he can and enjoying extended time with his family.

My mother died from a glioblastoma and so his story is close to my heart. I am so very happy for him and his family and wish him the very best for hopefully many years to come.  

"It certainly doesn't mean that my brain cancer is cured... but it's just nice to know that it hasn't come back yet, so I've still got some more time to enjoy my life with my wife Katie and my three wonderful kids."


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