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Preliminary approval for new life science campus south of Cambridge

As a resident of Hauxton, I'm excited to see that the South Cambridgeshire District Council have approved a preliminary proposal to build a new life science campus just across the A10 from me (and not just because of the planned public café).

Cambridge is a hub of scientific and technological development, and already has a number of nearby science parks – just the other week a large planned expansion to Melbourn Science Park, a little south of the new proposal, was announced as well.

As a patent attorney, and as a believer in the importance of science and new technology, it's really exciting to be surrounded by so much innovation and progress. I'll be watching the Hauxton plans with interest over the coming years.

Outline plans for six offices and laboratory buildings on the former wastewater treatment site in Hauxton, Cambridgeshire, have been approved. Developer Bridgemere Land Ltd said it would clean up the highly contaminated land and provide about 1,000 jobs.


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