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| 1 minute read

EU AI Act approved

EU lawmakers have approved the AI Act, beating the US and the UK by crystallising comprehensive legislation to govern the sector while they are still refining their approach. Industry lobbyists hoping  for some watering down of the draft Act's stringent safeguards are likely to be disappointed and President Macron's concern that there's not much point in being the lead regulator in something you don't actually do is likely to remain un-allayed. On the other hand, those worried about what this exponentially growing technology could do if left to run riot will draw some comfort. 

One thing is certain. Companies selling or licensing AI-enabled products or services into the EU (even if not in the EU themselves) will have to bite the bullet and spend the next two years getting ready to comply for when the Act becomes law. Or (as some US companies have done because of GDPR) decide it's more trouble than it's worth and just stop supplying into the EU.

US and UK legislation, once out, may turn out to be more lenient but, for companies that need to meet the EU standard anyway, that may be small consolation. 

The European Parliament has approved the world's first comprehensive framework for constraining the risks of artificial intelligence (AI).


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