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M&C in the news: Hitting the right note: Using AI to extract health data from sound

Marks & Clerk Cambridge is pleased to bring readers a new content series on innovation in the city: Racing Ahead! 

The first article by Matthew Pinney has been featured in Med-Tech Innovation News and details how a Cambridge-based company is using artificial intelligence to extract health data from sound. Since 2019, Decorte Future Industries has been building entirely novel AI that enables the identification and monitoring of human health conditions from audio collected by standard microphones - like those present in most consumer electronics. This means that the technology can identify whether or not you have, for example, a cardiovascular condition, to the same medical standard as a gold-standard ECG performed in a hospital, using only sound captured by a standard microphone and without the need for electrodes, wires or gel.

Matthew's article can be found in full, below and more information about our team in Cambridge is on our website


AI is changing the future of all industries, but as reported in the Marks & Clerk AI Report 2023, the medical technology (medtech) sector is surging ahead. The number of AI-based medtech patent applications published each year has almost quadrupled since 2018. But most strikingly, as a standalone sector, the year-on-year percentage growth in the number of AI patent applications filed repeatedly surpassed that of overall AI between 2014 and 2021. Thus, the medtech sector’s dominance in AI-based patent applications reflects its place at the very forefront of global innovation.


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