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Asian neighbours fail to 'Shake It Off'

The internet is divided. Some are calling it a smart business move. Others are saying that the Singapore government is being selfish. But whatever the opinion, Taylor Swift will bring a lot of money to the Singapore economy despite the Bad Blood. Is it fair that Singapore blocked their neighbours from hosting her show? Isn't it a bit like the exclusivity that intellectual property rights typically provide to their owners? Well no, not really. IP rights are usually national so they give their owners rights to stop others in a particular country, but do not stop activities in other countries. Plus they can be licensed to multiple users to mitigate the exclusivity. As for TS, she'll probably just say ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ or ‘Don't Blame Me’ so we'll have to wait and see if this turns into a Cruel Summer or ends as a Love Story. Perhaps the diplomatic situation will be sorted out by Karma… <ok that's enough song titles>

Singapore Has Taylor Swift to Itself This Week, and the Neighbors Are Complaining


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