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M&C in the news: Femtech: The importance of brand protection

Until recently, it was clear that women’s healthcare was being overlooked by medical research. However, these gender discrepancies within the healthcare sector have fuelled the demand for innovative technologies to give women more control over their health and the the tide is now changing. But what does this mean for business owners in the rapidly developing femtech market? Samantha Collins and Marcela Carvalho  share their insights and advice with readers of Medtech News below. 

Trademark applications must include the goods and services for which protection is sought, and again a balance often has to be struck between ensuring a good level of coverage on the one hand and cost on the other. Although funding levels are improving within femtech, it does still seem that several femtech businesses are taking a fairly narrow approach to their trademark protection, focusing on the absolute core products and services of interest, and choosing not to include peripherals at this stage. Whilst protection in class 10 for medical devices and class 44 for medical services are understandably high on priority lists, computer software in class 9 and Software as a Service / Platform as a Service in class 42 also feature heavily. We are also starting to see more mention of AI in trademark specifications.


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