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Is F1 heading to Chicago?

Formula One Licensing B.V. has filed trade mark applications in the US for “CHICAGO GRAND PRIX”, “FORMULA ONE CHICAGO GRAND PRIX”, “FORMULA ONE GRAND PRIX OF CHICAGO” and “GRAND PRIX OF CHICAGO”. 

Whilst there are no official indications yet that a race in Chicago is on the cards (the Madrid GP is the most recent announcement, taking place from 2026 onwards), F1 have certainly been expanding their presence in the US over the last few years with the addition of the Miami GP to the race calendar in 2022 and the Las Vegas GP in 2023, thanks in no small part to the popularity of the Netflix show “Drive to Survive”. 

F1 has made several demonstration appearances in Chicago including in 2019 at Chicago Field, and most recently last September when Red Bull made a “show run” on a 2,000-foot temporary "pop-up" circuit down Madison Street and in the parking lots surrounding the United Center.


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