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| 1 minute read

Innovation will be key in Scotland reaching goal of 'Global Hub for Space'

Towards the end of last year, an article was published by Payload, firmly and clearly setting out goals for the Scottish Space Industry and the three pronged strategy intended to achieve those goals.

Each of these three initiatives emphasises the importance of innovation in growing Scotland's space sector:

  • The Scottish Space Strategy intends to position Scotland as a global leader through in house solutions.  Solutions require innovation.
  • The Space Sustainability Roadmap is the first of its kind.  Those who are first must innovate.
  • The Inward Investment Plan aims to prioritise internal investment.  Investors look for USPs, USPs come from innovation.

As we move swiftly through the first quarter of 2024 it feels like actions are really being put to these words.  Within the next two weeks I have as many events to attend, which are putting innovators to the forefront.

The Space Investment Forum aims to bring investors and innovators together, and the Space Suppliers Summit will connect innovators with buyers.

But for me - the clincher to seeing Scotland rise will be the first vertical launch getting off the ground at SaxaVord Spaceport.  I certainly hope to be there to witness such a landmark moment in Scotland's long history of technological revolution!

Home to 5 out of the 7 launch sites in the United Kingdom and multiple university research hubs, Scotland is a prime location for kickstarting the biggest end-to-end space solutions hub.


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