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Day 1: Marks & Clerk reporting from Davos

I've made it to Davos and I am revelling in the excitement of being surrounded by world leaders, innovators and global media who have all travelled to Switzerland to be a part of the World Economic Forum. What truly excited me was the opportunity to participate in the 'Breaking Barriers: Navigating Interoperability for Business' panel led by QuantumfAi, this morning. The discussion explored hot topics at the centre of the digital revolution through an in-depth conversation around NFTs, gaming, XR, the metaverse, blockchain and intellectual property. I truly loved joining the debate and sharing the stage with my fellow panellists.

My heartfelt thanks go to Kelly Vero for inviting me to take part today. I'm thrilled that Kelly is also a guest of honour on the first episode of our new ‘Blurred Lines: Physical and Digital Fashion’ podcast, which will launch in just two days’ time. Building on the success of this morning's panel, the episode will take a deep dive into the metaverse and the developing relationship between the digital world and the fashion industry.

The hustle and bustle of the conference is absolutely amazing. If you spot me around, please don't be shy, come and say hi!


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