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M&C in the news: Design protection and copyright uncertainty

Fast-moving and competitive, the UK furniture industry demands constant innovation to meet the demands of an ever-changing consumer market – so designers therefore need to protect their creations from copyists, often relying on intellectual property (IP) rights to do so. But, how is this done, and should designers be paying closer attention to protecting their creations in the UK, post-Brexit?

It is fantastic to see Gregory Carty-Hornsby and Amy Morris’ co-authored piece published in the latest issue of Furniture News. We encourage you to read this insightful piece on page 234 below. 

Anecdotally, there still exists a reluctance on the part of designers, in all industries, to engage with design protection at the outset of the design process. Whilst copyright may provide designers with a psychological safety net, there are significant question marks regarding its applicability in the furniture industry in the UK.


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