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M&C in the news: How the history of ice cream highlights the importance of IP protection

Despite it being one of the coldest days of the year here in the UK, Business Leader’s latest article that discusses the shortfalls of the Eskimo Pie chocolate ice cream patent, certainly has us dreaming of warmer days and enjoying cold treats from the ice cream van.

We are thrilled to see Yann Robin’s leading expertise intertwined multiple times throughout the piece, as he outlines where Nelson, the creator of the invention, went wrong and advises on specific actions he would have taken in order to have formed a stronger patent application.

If you’re worried you may fall into the same trap if you were to file a patent, or if you're simply intrigued by the history of such an iconic delicacy, please do give the piece a read.

Yann welcomes enquiries regarding Intellectual Property, so do not hesitate to get in touch.  

“For a stronger patent application,” says Robin, “I would recommend that Nelson provide more detailed descriptions of the invention’s features, especially the chocolate recipe and the parameters for coating ice cream. Additionally, including dependent claims that outline specific preferred features can act as a useful safety net in case of potential challenges from third parties.”


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