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The Big Bang Competition

There is no questioning the importance of science to the next generation, as through science and technology, the solutions to the climate problems of today will come.

To inspire these innovators of the future, and to engage them within the world of the various STEM subjects, Siemens, the Energy Institute, Liysf, Network Rail and Stantec are all supporting next year's “Big Bang Competition”. This competition culminates at the Big Bang Fair at the NEC in Birmingham in June, and is a free-to-enter competition for 11 to 18 year olds. It can be solo applicants or team entries. 

The competition closes for entries on 27th March 2024. 

We advise that you approach your children's schools to see if they are choosing to get involved. With the various environmental challenges ahead, encouraging your kids to start learning about STEM subjects could put them at a great advantage for the future, and who knows, they could be joining our ranks as patent attorneys of the future, as we too are scientists!

Can intellectual property help accelerate the race to net zero? Visit our Energy Transition hub to find out.

Discover exciting possibilities and connect to inspiring role models in STEM with the Big Bang. Young inventors and experimenters, future game-changers and lifesavers all develop and shine in The Big Bang Competition. Big Bang Digital showcases surprising ways to build a brighter, greener world and Big Bang at School helps teachers run their own inspiring STEM days.


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