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Marks & Clerk in the news: Cambridge office of Marks & Clerk support innovation

As a global intellectual property law firm, at Marks & Clerk we take pride in contributing to the advancement of breakthrough innovations in various technological domains. An excellent example of the culture of supporting innovation through intellectual property protection is happening at our Cambridge office, where our attorneys actively engage with the local technology ecosystem.

Within this, as the sun sets on 2023, we will be authoring a collection of articles highlighting the significant advancements stemming from this renowned University city. 

We are thrilled that CambsNews has published our introductory piece to this series. As 2023 reaches its last quarter, we invite you to stay tuned to the Marks & Clerk website for the latest Cambridge: City of Innovation pieces. Be sure to check in with us regularly to discover the latest stories and developments shaping the future in the city of Cambridge. 

Cambridge is a city made for trailblazers. Propelled by the esteemed University of Cambridge – consistently ranked among the world’s top academic institutions – the city and the 20+ science research institutions that surround it stand as a pioneering hub of technological innovation.


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