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Preparing for National Engineering Day on 1 November 2023

Despite being a patent attorney by profession, and thus working in the legal space, I am also a civil engineering graduate.  Realising that National Engineering Day is only a couple of weeks away, I was wondering what would be an appropriate thing to do. How about I attend the Advanced Engineering conference at the NEC? That feels sufficiently tech heavy for such a day, so that is what I will be doing! Looking forward to it too.

As every engineer knows, we are the most important science (at least for that one day!). Let's celebrate it! Fortunately as a patent attorney I get to celebrate the wonders of creative scientific minds every day, but shouting about engineering for one day is surely acceptable when it comes to National Engineering Day!

1 November 2023 is National Engineering Day (formerly This is Engineering Day), a day that aims to make the UK’s engineers and engineering more visible and celebrate how they improve everyday lives and shape the world around us.


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