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Biometrics improving train safety

As you can imagine, while train drivers operate on our railways, driver fatigue remains a problem. There are plenty of politics surrounding this issue. However, IHF Limited has developed a product to address this issue head on. Their FOCUS+ wearable device uses a combination of data analytics and biometrics, along with Human Factors' best practice approach to safety to monitor the driver and to provide warnings if there are signs of driver fatigue.

From their website I note that the wearable device monitors the user's heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. It also monitors both the user's skin temperature and the environmental temperature, while also checking galvanic skin response and providing an electro-cardiograph. Clearly a clever piece of technology! I wonder whether this will ultimately be implemented also in app form on smart watches, and will it spill over into the car and truck market? I suspect so as we are already seeing fatigue warnings in modern cars... 

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Known as FOCUS+, the wrist-worn device was developed by Edinburgh’s Integrated Human Factors off the back of the Driver Innovation Safety Challenge (DISC), a project led by Edinburgh Trams in conjunction with UKTram and Transport for Edinburgh.


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