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| 1 minute read

Teething problems for re-branded EA FC?

After 30 years of incredible success as one of the world's most popular video game franchises, EA ended its partnership with FIFA, re-branding its game series to EA FC. The first iteration under the new name has now launched and has been widely positively received. Despite this, the year-on-year physical sales in the first week are 30% down in comparison to FIFA 23. 

Though there are likely a multitude of reasons for this, it is difficult to look past the name change as a key factor. While EA had built 30 years of trust and reputation in their FIFA title as the most popular football sim available, it was always likely consumers would treat the re-branded EA FC with some scepticism. However, given the game itself has not departed significantly from previous iterations, retaining the core features on which EA built the successful franchise, it seems likely any scepticism will be short lived. 

In the long term, despite the immediate shortfall in sales, EA have reason to be excited. Where FIFA, as a licensor, would have retained control over how a product bearing their trade mark and name was used, EA can now take their FC title in new directions unfettered. 

"The downsides to changing a brand you've spent 30 years building up is clear. But there are opportunities, as well. EA can now build out something far more ambitious that is entirely its own, and not shared with the brand owner".


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