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Marks & Clerk in the news: AI exposes designers and architects to copyright complications say experts

For some time now, highly respected and hugely popular designs publication Dezeen has been running AItopia, a fascinating editorial series exploring the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on design, architecture, and humanity, both now and in the future. 

As AI continues to advance and become more integrated into creative processes, questions have been raised about the legal implications of using AI-generated designs. Could designers and architects sue AI companies, similar to how artists and authors are already pursuing lawsuits? In theory, yes, according to experts. However, the outcome of such claims would depend on the success of existing cases. Erik Rõuk helps provide clarity around some of these issues in the latest article in the AItopia series, below. 

But what about the AI companies themselves – could we see designers and architects suing as artists and authors are already doing? In theory yes, says Rõuk, though it depends on whether the existing claims are ultimately successful. "There's certainly going to be some interest in trying to find some degree of liability in what these AI companies do," he said. These cases will likely hinge, explains Shemtov, around one issue in particular that has not yet been clearly established. "The question is: what happened when I trained my AI with your design? Was a copy made in the process of the training?"


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