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Marks & Clerk provides (ORE) Catapult's Launch Academy with pro bono support

The Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult revealed the selected list for its Launch Academy at an event in Norwich on Tuesday, June 27. Each company is due to receive support up to £25,000 and the programme will run from now until December 2023.

Marks & Clerk is delighted to offer pro bono support to the Launch Academy programme alongside Birketts and Lovewell Blake.

The companies involved in the Launch Academy will be assisted in commercialising their product or service which includes robots for offshore wind turbine maintenance, recycling wind turbine blades using waterjet technology, and the development of carbon capture devices.

The launch Academy East of England will inform the companies chosen for the programme, of sector specific requirements within the offshore renewables industry to help boost company knowledge and expand business offerings.

Six companies across Norfolk and Suffolk have joined an award-winning technology accelerator programme that pioneers new products and services for the UK’s offshore renewable energy sector.


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