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Automated tomato harvesting tool designed by AI language model

An interesting article looking at the use of ChatGPT in the engineering field, to design an automated harvesting tool. 

The use of AI in the Agritech field has evolved over time. For example, our AI report found that, in the period between 2000 and 2014, the majority of the Agritech AI patent filings in Europe related to organic and biochemistry, as well as methods for testing and analysis of biological materials. From 2014 to 2022 however, the European AI patent filings in this sector were dominated by control systems for autonomous vehicles, and pattern recognition technology for use in vehicle navigation and crop monitoring. This article highlights a more recent trend for use of Generative AI, seen across all sectors. It will be fascinating to see how Generative AI models are used in the Agritech sector going forward. 

The team, from TU Delft University in the Netherlands and EPFL in Switzerland, said they wanted to use ChatGPT to create a robot that would make a valuable contribution to the world.


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