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Celebrating 50 Years of mobile phones: Marks & Clerk's latest piece on innovation in Cambridge published by Business Weekly

In April 1973, Martin Cooper, a then-Motorola employee, made the first public mobile phone call. Now, fifty years later, we look back at this milestone in technology history. In our latest piece for Business Weekly, Trainee Patent Attorney Edward Carter discusses the impact of this invention - and as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Cooper's DynaTAC device, we look forward to supporting future technological developments in this space!

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Here in Cambridge, the highly favourable conditions for R & D have attracted several telecom companies, with Nokia, Samsung and Apple all represented here as well as the semiconductor company Arm, which is well known for the development of microchips and the accompanying RISC architecture that are today present in the majority of smartphones.  A local success story is the former CSR (originally Cambridge Silicon Radio), which was founded in Cambridge in 1999 and developed various telecom technologies before being acquired by Qualcomm in 2014 for a reported $2.5 billion. Today, telecom innovation in Cambridge is supported in particular by Cambridge Wireless, an international community of tech companies and academics that helps to create communication and collaboration within many fields including telecommunications, particularly in Cambridge, London and the rest of the UK.


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