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A Day at the Showcases

I enjoyed attending the latest Carbon13 Innovation Showcase in Cambridge this week. It was great to see the passion and energy of all the ventures presenting, as well as the scale of their ambitions for tackling the climate emergency. Although the founders had only been teamed together a matter of months ago, the clarity of their visions was really impressive, which speaks to the value of the Carbon13 programme. 

Wearing my patent attorney hat, I was particularly interested in the presentations which put technological innovation at the centre of their ventures. A real variety of technology areas was represented, including fuels, energy storage, precision fermentation, construction, and AI.

Many of the ventures had already started thinking about securing patent protection for their technology or had plans to grow their IP portfolio. M&C has recently produced an e-book titled The IP Driven Start-up on the importance of this approachwhich Robert Lind will be discussing at an event in Cambridge in May.

We will be watching with interest as this Carbon13 cohort continue to grow their ventures. Most especially, I look forward to seeing how the exciting technology develops and contributes to Carbon13’s mission of reducing CO2e emissions by 400 million tonnes.

Over the next five years Carbon13 will bring diverse and amazing people together to create scalable ventures with the combined potential to reduce CO2e emissions by 400 million tonnes (Or 1% of global emissions).”


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