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Fascinating fashion coming out of AI Fashion Week

It is really fascinating to see some of the designs that were shown at the recent AI Fashion Week. Of course, there are still a few tell-tale signs that these are not real garments, such as the issue with belts (the AI got the appearance of a belt - strip of leather with a buckle and some holes, but lacked understanding of how one works). However, for the most part it is difficult to tell that these are not real clothes. 

Voting is open on the AI Fashion Week website and three winning designers will have their AI collections produced as real garments by Revolve, with Revolve intending to have a real runway show at future events to showcase the work of these winners. According to this article by Business of Fashion, manufacturing the clothes generated by AI is likely to be a big challenge, as it flips the usual model of sketch, sample, show to public on its head - the look is styled on a model first and then the challenge is how to translate that into a finished garment. 

Michael Mente, co-founder and co-chief executive of Revolve, suspects that the end products will potentially be toned down versions of the original concepts, in the same way that dramatic runway looks are currently translated into ready-to-wear pieces, with the originals serving a storytelling function and the final pieces being more approachable and sellable pieces. 

With this emerging technology, it seems we are set to see some really creative fashion ideas going forwards, but whether they can be translated in to real world garments without losing what makes them new and exciting is going to be the challenge. 

AI Is Really Good at Designing Knitwear (Belts, Not So Much) The first AI Fashion Week offered a convincing showcase for AI-generated fashion. The hard part may be turning the designs into real clothes.


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