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New Korea Brand Fashion Association targets counterfeits

WTR have recently reported that Korea's largest fashion company MUSINSA is playing a key role in the establishment of the Korea Brand Fashion Association. One of the key aims of the group is to monitor and prevent the distribution of counterfeit products in the Korean fashion market. So far, participating brands include K2, Lee, Mardi Mercredi, Mmlg, Thrasher and Wrangler and a spokesperson has confirmed that there are over 80 companies involved with the initiative. 

With government approval, the association could launch as early as April 2023 and one of their major projects is the FAKE NEVER campaign which will help to educate the public about the problems associated with counterfeit goods.

It will be interesting to monitor the progress of this association and to see its impact on the counterfeit market in Korea in both the short and medium term. 

From detecting counterfeits online to a ‘FAKE NEVER’ campaign, the association will target open marketplaces in South Korea.


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