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Marks & Clerk's advice for start-ups featured on leading start-up news site, Maddyness

Earlier this year, we published our first e-book for the start-up community: The IP Driven Start-up - and we are delighted that it has just been featured by leading start-up platform, Maddyness. In the book, Robert Lind emphasises what founders need to put in place at the outset to secure their IP assets and ensure that maximum value is obtained at the point of exit. He also considers the steps that need to be taken to manage growth and avoid IP assets slipping through the net. To learn more, and hear further advice for the year ahead from Robert, check out the full piece on Maddyness below. 

Startups were in a precarious position going into 2023 with economic turbulence putting pressure on founders to streamline costs – some of which come at the expense of long-term success. To offer guidance to business owners and entrepreneurs, Marks & Clerk, have published an e-book to act as a resource for tech founders struggling to identify an effective strategy when it comes to innovation and intellectual property.


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