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The Middle East set to be important growth market for fashion brands

The Business of Fashion has just published a really interesting report on the fashion market in the Middle East. According to their research, customers in the Gulf region have increased spending power and this is leading to a shift in consumer behaviour, with around 50% of respondents in the UAE and Saudi Arabia spending $1,000 a year on fashion. According to research by Euromonitor International, fashion sales are expected to increase by 11 percent year-over-year in 2023, with the fashion industry in the Middle East region worth $89 million. 

With more international fashion brands focussing on building and growing their presence in the Middle East, it is an ideal time for fashion brands to review and bolster their trade mark protection in the region. Generally trade mark protection in these territories is rather expensive so making sure you have a robust filing strategy in place is really important in order to make the most of your trade mark budget.

International brands and retailers have a significant opportunity to provide collections that resonate with the UAE and KSA’s well-travelled customer base by developing flagships in the region, in addition to hosting local brand activations and offering region-exclusive products.


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