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As autumn leaves fall, creativity blossoms in Oxfordshire

We can all agree that the creative industries have the power to break down barriers between people and to accompany us through our lives but the impact created by these industries does not stop there. They are also key to economic growth and according to OxLEP (Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership), Oxfordshire alone contributed with £1.4 billion to the UK economy prior to the pandemic. The Creative Industries Manifesto created by Creative England and Creative Industries Federation also highlights that the creative industries "add over £100bn to the UK’s economy, export £46bn in goods and services worldwide and are growing at twice the rate of the general economy" and that they also have the ability to "tackle regional inequalities, build communities across the UK, and enable individuals to lead lives that are happier, healthier, more sociable, and enriched through access to culture and creativity". 

We offer support to the entertainment and creative industries through our creative industries sector group. We have patent and trade mark attorneys, commercial lawyers and IP litigators which can help to manage all aspects of your IP portfolio, including: commercial and transactional advice, IP strategy development, international filing and prosecution and of patent, trade mark and design applications, and dispute resolution.

“Oxford and Oxfordshire is a hotbed for international talent, with the county laying claim to a rich array of high-profile businesses across the creative industries mix and cultural experiences like very few areas in the world. “This sector, probably more than any other, also has the ability to reach people of all backgrounds – we want to ensure that we work with partners to support their ability to inspire all communities.


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