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Electrolysers: Realising the green hydrogen economy creeps ever closer

Over the last few years, we have been seeing evidence of much investment in the development of cost effective hydrogen production using fuel cells as electrolysers. I enjoyed reading the comments from various experts in this field in the article below from 

It is a sector in which the patent world is particularly busy. Patent applications are being filed for a variety of solutions in this sector, be that in improving the efficiency of the fuel cell systems, or the integration of the fuel cells into other processes, or simply to increase the ability to store excess power as hydrogen.  Back in May, the EPO published a joint study about this activity, as publicised here:

The product from these electrolysers, when powered by renewable or low-carbon power, is green hydrogen. The cost of production of such green hydrogen is reducing, and with the cost of fossil fuels increasing, the balance is swinging strongly towards hydrogen being an integral part of the decarbonised future. Expect to see more hydrogen trains - being rolled out in Germany already, plus hydrogen trucks and planes, and perhaps more hydrogen cars in the near future. In addition, large factories and industial plants can expect to see a move towards hydrogen, rather than fossil fuel, power solutions.

This is certainly an exciting space to be working in!

The key to the green hydrogen economy is a little-known machine with a name out of 1950s sci-fi — the electrolyzer. And after a century of obscurity, the electrolyzer’s moment has come.


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