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Innovation in space technology – taking advantage of the data

Data drives the modern world, with companies competing to acquire and use a wide variety of user and systems information. In many cases, the benefits are undeniable; when considering satellite data alone, we have seen its analysis having life-changing consequences, from its use in the Ukraine war effort to aiding understanding of shifts in climate activity.

This recent article from the Satellite Applications Catapult is very interesting reading on this topic, and contains insightful commentary and advice on selecting and using the increasing amount of data available in the space sector. The solutions provided by a shrewd use of the data can have an impressive commercial impact.

To supplement this advice, I would emphasise to innovators in data-driven technologies that commercialisation can extend beyond the business solutions or the developed technology. In particular, a wise utilisation of any Intellectual Property in their data solutions can be immensely valuable.

Indeed, patent applications toward software inventions is more commonplace than many might realise. Patent applications are filed on a daily basis that are directed toward data-driven technologies, including toward AI algorithms, methods and systems for data retrieval and storage, sensing technologies and analysis, and simulations.  

A robust IP portfolio can be used to help secure investment, protect yourself from competitors in the market, can increase the value of the business or technology portfolio, or can be a lucrative source of income from licensing.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about patentable inventions in the space sector. For further reading on patents and AI, please see our recently-updated AI report for insight into trends in AI patent filings and grants. 

For business, the time is now to be engaging with the space sector to benefit from the increasing data available. All manner of daily business applications and decision making now rely on satellite data. Integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI), technology led solutions are truly upon us and are being manipulated to deliver an increasing myriad of business and everyday opportunities.


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