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New fuel cell gigafactory in Royston, Hertfordshire (UK)

I was really excited to read about this huge investment in the UK for a gigafactory for producing proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells. 

Although fuel cells are a fairly old technology, with the earliest hydrogen fuel cells appearing way back in 1838, the investment by innovators, and the resulting improvements in them particularly over the last decade, has been staggering. They are now an extremely efficient alternative to combustion, and are an essential component of the green hydrogen revolution. As such they are stongly considered to be one of the technologies required to decarbonise society.

Johnson Matthey's roots are in the UK, starting in 1817 when Percival Norton Johnson set up his gold assaying business in London. Now as a global corporation, and still with their HQ in London, this £80M investment by Johnson Matthey will help cement the UK's position as a market leader in this technologically fascinating industry. 

Decarbonising freight transportation is critical to help societies and industries meet their ambitious net zero emission targets


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